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For teaching character in the home

How do we teach our families to emulate the beautiful characteristics that will bring them closer to Jesus Christ? There is no better example of character than the Savior. We can start by helping them see what the characteristics of Christ are and His example of living them. As your family learns more about Christ’s characteristics, you will feel closer to Him and be driven to become more like Him.

 This family study is  appropriate for all ages and stages. It is open-ended so as you pray to know how to use these resources you will be directed to know what your children need. You will be able to have unscripted conversations and real gospel discussions with your children.

There are 12 Attributes of Christ that we have been prayerfully led to include:





Humility & Repentance,

Patience & Forgiveness,



Diligence & Work,



Reverence & Gratitude

The Bridegroom by Jen Tolman

Each Monthly Attribute Will Include

An Affirmation to Memorize

A Description of each Attribute

Scriptures to Memorize 

Hymns to sing together

An Attention Grabber or Hands-on Activity

Examples from the Saviors Life

Other Examples from the Scriptures

Discussion Questions with Correlating Scriptures

Journal Prompts

Quotes from Prophets and Apostles

An Amazing Booklist!

Other Relating Resources 

PDF's of the Hymns, Scripture Cards, and Poems

Here is access to printables of the Scriptures, Hymns, Affirmations, and Poems.

 Used in the Christlike Attributes Character Study

Would you like a preview the Christlike Attribute Family Character Study?

We are offering the Introduction and first attribute as a free download.

Fill out the form below and it will be sent to your email. 

Introduction to Christlike Attributes - Free Download

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Featured Artists

Andre & Khennya - CastelArts

We are a husband and wife team trying to bring happiness through simple art. We're both originally from Brazil but are currently living in England, where we have been calling it home for the last 8 years.

All the watercolor paintings and digital art are handmade by Andre, who tries a different perspective and style of people and LDS Temples. 

Andre is actually a 3D artist, he works full time in the gaming industry but loves traditional art and illustrations! He started drawing some landscapes, buildings and temples as a hobby in is spare time. We decided to open the shop after many requests from family and friends.

His goal is to create something unique, simple and within reach of everyone. 

Khennya is a stay at home mom of three, studying Social Media Marketing at BYU-I online, passionate about arts and crafts, nature, books and baking! When she is not busy with crafts, studying or baking, she loves spending time outdoors with her family and taking a road trip!


See more of CastelArts work at:

Instagram: @gcastelarts 

Facebook page:




Patti Christensen

As a young mother, I taught Art & Architecture appreciation in elementary schools — the more time spent in art classrooms, the greater the desire to paint filled my soul. The opportunity to be the student, instead of the teacher, finally happened in 2016 at a plein air workshop in Cokeville, WY- the hometown of Minerva Teichert. Since then, I have been mentored and trained by the generous art community of Utah. My home is in the foothills of Salt Lake City, where I live with my husband Jim, our three children, and three dogs. My inspiration will always stem from my faith, my family, and the mountains that hold my heart.


See more of Patti's work at:



Introduction to Christlike Attributes - Free Download

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Haley Miller - Restoration Prints

Hi there, I'm Haley Miller.

I love creating. 

I am a photographer.

I am a digital painter.

I play around in Photoshop just for fun.

I have 5 kids.

I belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

I love treasure hunting in thrift stores.  

Adventures make my heart happy.

I wish chocolate was sugar free.

I love my mini van.

I find myself drawn to all things family,

and anything that feels like magic.

Also...cookies. sigh.

And I am passionate about Jesus Christ. 

See more of Haley's work at:


Instagram: @restorationprints


Jen Tolman

Jen Tolman is a faith based artist from Utah. She is a painter, sculptor and children's illustrator. 

She paints spiritual themes with a classical contemporary twist. Her artwork is driven from trials, personal experiences and hardships. She wishes to bring hope and light to those who are in pain emotionally and physically. 

Jen also loves to visit and paint the ocean and is inspired by travel with her family. 

Her work has been included in the Church's International art exhibits and has illustrated for the Friend, Ensign and New Era magazines as well as the Church History Museum.

See more of Jen's art at:

Instagram: @jentolmanart


Lovetta Reyes-Cario - Love Hearts Art

My name is Lovetta Reyes-Cairo and I'm an artist and mother of four boys, two of whom are already in heaven. I graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in Elementary Education and taught elementary school for nine years, doing my own art as a hobby on the side. I have always loved art, and after the death of my second child I began to consider pursuing art more seriously. I studied at Beaux-Arts Academy until my third child was born with special needs. I am so happy that now I get to do art and take care of my kids at home. For me, art allows for exploration and expression of feelings as few other things can. My work is both personal and universal, often featuring the human figure and symbols to explore concepts of spirituality, love, motherhood, connection, death, and healing. 

See more of Lovetta's work at:

Instagram: @loveheartsart



Randi Gardner

Randi lives and loves with her husband and five children in the desert of Southern Utah. Through her love of art, baking and nature, Randi enjoys creating heartfelt traditions with her children. Randi has a talent for seeing beauty in the ordinary and is passionate about sharing that with others. Through The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, she has found the most beauty in her life. 

Hear from Randi by subscribing:

Email list:

Tyler Rickenbach - A Moment with Christ

My name is Tyler Rickenbach, and I am the filmmaker / photographer of A Moment With Christ (AMWC). I started AMWC in 2013 while attending Brigham Young University - Idaho, and since then, I have been able to help thousands of people feel of God’s love for them through social media.

I believe that living a Christlike life will not only bring us closer to Him, but it will also allow us to bless the lives of those around us. Each one of us has a unique perspective and talent that we can offer the world. My purpose is to help others discover the divine potential they already have within themselves, and I do that through writing and visual storytelling.

I am blessed to have a beautiful family and to live in the great state of Wisconsin.


Connect with Tyler:

Instagram / @amomentwithchrist

Email /

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