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Especially for Mothers

Seek Learning began as an idea for a magazine. Our goal is to empower mothers whose primary responsibility it is to nurture their children. We are striving to provide the tools and confidence necessary for you to be successful in teaching your children and centering your home on Christ.

We have an amazing collection of authors writing about their passions

and providing insight into joyful motherhood.

Please download our free Intro issue to get a glimpse into our pages.

Seek Learning Home Magazine


01 Issue: Study and Faith - D&C 8:2

(digital download or printed version)

We have 17 authors and 4 artists who have shared their talents and expertise. We were humbled as we read these articles.

Our writers were in tune with the spirit when they wrote.

Prophets and The Family: A Proclamation to the World were quoted over and over. 

Click the link below to view the bios of those involved and place your order. 

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This is a sample version which is condensed and incomplete. 

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