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Study & Faith

Yea, behold, I will tell you in your mind and in your heart, by the Holy Ghost, which shall come upon you and which shall dwell in your heart.

D&C 8:2


In our First Issue- Study and Faith, we are sharing on a variety of topics related to teaching by study and faith, creating an environment where the spirit can dwell and teach. We hope as you read the spirit will touch your heart and inspire you as you are prayerfully seeking direction for your children and family. 


Featured Artists

Beth Allen

Beth is a mother, a wife, an artist.

She's carved a small studio out of a storage closet, and a painting career between naps and dishes. She is inspired by the everyday: the fruit on her counter, the trees outside her window, the faces surrounding her.

Described as quiet she finds it easier to speak in colors and shapes than words.  Painting is solace.  

A compulsion for creation has been with her since childhood.  She has followed her dreams of a light-filled studio with piles of blank white canvases to a fine arts degree in painting at Arizona State University. Recently, she has found inspiration by taking sabbatical in the east coast and exploring New England with family, painting in an old catholic church turned studio. 

Lately she's painting a bit slower since the birth of her last baby. When she does have time, she is drawn to mother + child paintings, abstracts, and botanical. 

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Heidi Hillman

Heidi is a homeschooling mama to four miracle children; two biological and two adopted.  She is an artist and maker, and a voracious reader. She is never happier than when she's out adventuring with her family, unless it's when they all get home from an adventure tired and sunkissed and content to do their own thing for a while so she can paint.  She creates scripture study, art journaling and homeschool inspiration. Over five years ago she set a goal to create art every day.  She wanted to improve her artistic abilities and make time for something she loved even in the midst of busy days being a homeschool mama.  She has only rarely missed a day since! While her abilities have definitely improved with practice, the most surprising element of this project has been feeling like she found who she is and who God designed her to be. She is an artist, an art teacher, a designer and creative business owner, but she is also just a regular person, seeking to add joy and depth to her life by slowing down and making creativity a priority.

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Jen Tolman

Jen Tolman is a faith based artist from Utah. She is a painter, sculptor and children's illustrator. 

She paints spiritual themes with a classical contemporary twist. Her artwork is driven from trials, personal experiences and hardships. She wishes to bring hope and light to those who are in pain emotionally and physically. 

Jen also loves to visit and paint the ocean and is inspired by travel with her family. 

Her work has been included in the Church's International art exhibits and has illustrated for the Friend, Ensign and New Era magazines as well as the Church History Museum.

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Magazine Article Writers

Angie Chandler

Changing Expectations to Improve Come Follow Me Study

I am Angie Chandler, mother of 4, an elementary educator, university supervisor over student teachers and owner of Come Follow Me FHE. I enjoy baking, hiking, music, just about any social event, family and 
all children, especially my own. I am a hugger and squeezer and believe that every child matters. Adults and parents truly pay an important and vital role in a child's life. I am passionate about the importance of teaching our children in the home as well as supporting 
them academically in school. My company's focus is to support and help families all over the world teach their children at home in a hands on and engaging ways.

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Becky Pitcher

Taught of the Lord; an Introduction to Home School

Becky Pitcher grew up in Minnesota. She studied writing at BYU with a focused interest in children’s literature. She has been passionate about home education since before she had children. She now educates her four children in the home so she can read them all the books she loves! They try to spend the majority of their time reading books, reciting poetry or hiking in the mountains. She is a writer, speaker, and manic hobbyist. (Quilting, knitting, photography, design, baking- but never cleaning.) She is the co-creator of Seek Learning Home and Editor of Seek Learning Magazine. Becky is doing all she can to help women feel confident in teaching in Christ-Centered homes. 


Follow her on Instagram @becky.pitcher

Brittany Couper

Enliven the Soul; Eating Well for Mental Health

I’m a homeschooling mum of 6 kids—one whose grown and off doing her own thing and 5 little ones under 8 who keep me on my toes all day long. Our family moved to Utah a couple of years ago from Scotland where we lived for about 10 years after marrying my Scottish husband. We met while I was getting my Masters in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. I love hiking and anything that involves being outside in the mountains. I’m passionate about learning and researching all I can about education, health and nutrition. 

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Erin Southward

Telling Our Own Stories; an Approach to Family History

Erin is a work-at-home mom where she teaches piano by day and writes by night. She and her husband homeschool their three children. She loves practicing yoga, reading, and traveling. She is passionate about teaching empathy and compassion to the rising generation and her first family course is being released this month. You can preorder the course on

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Graceann Oswald

Even As I Am; Developing Christlike Attributes

Graceann is the oldest of 8 children and has wanted to be a teacher from a young age. This young love of teaching drove her to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education from BYU and then a Masters in Education from Texas A&M. She is passionate about homeschooling because of her experiences in the classroom. There is no better place to teach children then in the home, which is why she wants to make that easier for everyone to do. Although her life is busy with four young children, seeing them engage with, explore and learn about the world around them is one of her greatest joys! Graceann is a co-founder of Seek Learning Home and creator of Christlike Attributes Values Study. She has been married for 8 years and lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her husband and 4 children.

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Jennifer Jacobs

Carry On; Teaching Through Trials

Jennifer Jacobs is a writer and homeschooling mom to a blended family of six children. She and her husband, the artist Parker Jacobs, reside in Huntington Beach, California where she owns probably way too many pairs of leather pants for a primary teacher. She loves hiking, good dark chocolate, studying her scriptures, and coaching her sons in robotics. Her fiction and non-fiction are frequently published under JSP Jacobs.

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Jessica Smith

Atmosphere; Relationships with the World and Others

Jessica lives the Pacific Northwest with her husband and three boys. She was educated at home and loves learning alongside her boys as they read, cook, and explore nature. She is passionate about teaching and combines her two passions--Charlotte Mason's methods and the gospel of Jesus Christ-- to help parents become more Christlike teachers.  

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Josh Brothers

Teaching Kids to Think with Language Arts

Joshua Brothers is an Educator and Teacher Trainer in Salt Lake City, UT. He speaks, mentors, and trains educators in grades K-12 in classroom leadership and how relationships empower learning. You can hear more of his ideas on his podcast, "The Teach in the Sneaks" on Spotify, YouTube, and any other major Podcast Platform.


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Kaylie and LJ Sikahema had the idea for Lokua while creating interactive “country studies” for themselves and their 3 boys years ago. Their lives were greatly augmented by learning about other people and traveling to new places, and they wanted to share this goodness with others. Being a multi-cultural family, they have always felt passionately about global and cultural literacy. As their ideas about how to share this passion morphed, Lokua was born. Their belief is that it is through holistic education and learning to love others that bridges are built and peace is created. 


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Kaylie Sikahema

One Family, One Home; Raising Culturally Aware Children

Kindle Garner

Power in a Family Mission Statement

Kindle Garner is a nomad at heart, but calls Southern Utah home and loves adventuring in the desert with her husband and three children. Her current mission is motherhood, homeschooling, and preserving childhood magic through family traditions. She has a soft spot for adoption, diverse families, and special needs as her family navigates these dynamics. She is the co-owner of The Kindred Cooperative providing nature-based co-ops for homeschool families. In her spare time, Kindle enjoys ignoring the laundry pile, reading stories aloud with all the voices, pretending she’s a food critic, and discovering curiosities in nature with her children. She believes that creating beauty matters and she loves Jesus, but she cusses.

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Kurt Anderson

Create, Name, Separate; A Divine Pattern for Fathers

Kurt is the husband to a perfect woman, father to a 4 year old daughter Marigold and a 2 year old son Moses. He has dabbled in a lot of hobbies (sailing, film making, songwriting) but there are a few things that he says, "have assimilated themselves into my very character. Running, boxing, ancient Hebrew and biblical studies,

and drawing."

Ever since Kurt was young he has had a million things he's wanted to shout to the world. Yet he could never find the vehicle, the medium, appropriate to carry it out of me until he found drawing. "I love to take what is inside me and put it on the outside of me. It's a compulsion and creating art satisfies that for me."

He gains most of his inspiration from the Old Testament, and specifically the Book of Genesis, which he regards as the greatest single piece of literature every written.

"I want nothing more from life than to spend every day drawing on the front porch of a farm house on ten acres nestled up to a mountain and being constantly interrupted by my children for frequent play breaks."

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Lee and Brenda Jacobson

Let Us Reason Together; Family Councils and Personal Interviews

Lee is the founder of Coba Health.  He has worked in the Healthcare Industry for 30 years in surgical services. He has served as a bishop for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints twice and counselor to 3 bishops and  two branch presidents. He loves working with youth and YSA. Lee served in the Arequipa, Peru Mission and has a deep love for the people of Peru.

Brenda advocates for families and children. She serves her family, neighbors and church. Brenda loves learning new things and the beautiful earth. But most of all she loves being a mom and grammy. 


Lee and Brenda met at Brigham Young University. They are the Parents of 9 amazing children and grandparents of 7. They love to spend their time with their family . Usually on a lake or in the mountains boating, biking, skiing, hiking or fishing. They are passionate about raising children who succeed in every area of their life and are happy. Their focus is on living a Christ Centered Life and treating others with respect and kindness.

Marlene Peterson

The Sacred Combination; Teaching the Heart and Mind

A graduate of Brigham Young University in Child Development and Family Relations, she and her husband, Brent, have raised eight daughters and one son and are thoroughly enjoying their grandparenting years. They live in the quiet countryside of Appomattox, Virginia where they are blissfully surrounded by the stories of history.

Marlene Peterson is the founder of Libraries of Hope and the finder of the Well-Educated Heart pattern for learning.  A firm believer in the power of stories in our lives, she has compiled over 60 volumes of stories to stir and inspire the hearts of young people and is building a listening library as well. .  She created a Mother's University where mothers can nurture their own hearts. Her conviction that it will be out of the abundance of mothers' hearts that our world will be blessed and lifted led to the founding of Mothers of Influence.

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Michelle Robel Anderson

Building a Spiritual Fortress

Michelle received a Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics from Brigham Young University.  Michelle has studied Spanish, Latin, and Arabic and is currently learning Russian. After practicing law for a short time, she stopped to be at home with her family.  Michelle and her husband live in southeast Idaho, where she home schools her three beautiful daughters.  Michelle is a John Maxwell Team certified coach and speakers.  


Follow along @keepingsacredrecords and Keeping Sacred Records

Randi Gardner

All Things Testify of Christ; Beautifying Your Home

Randi lives & loves with her husband and five children in the desert of Southern Utah. Through her love of art, baking and nature, Randi enjoys creating heartfelt traditions with her children. Randi has a talent for seeing beauty in the ordinary and is passionate about sharing that with others. Through The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, she has found the most beauty in her life. 

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Shenley Puterbaugh

What Stops You From Doing Family History?

Shenley was inspired to love family history when her mom told her stories and helped her diagram her family tree when she was a child. Since then, she has spent many hours researching, interviewing relatives, digging through old boxes and records and sharing what she has learned.

While homeschooling their 3 children Shenley and her husband, Brett, incorporate family history as much as possible. She has taught children’s family history classes and strives to inspire her family, friends and now everyone to love family history. As the founder of 

her goal is to help parents have the tools they need to inspire their children to love family history.

Besides doing family history Shenley enjoys being in the mountains, playing tennis, baking and reading


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Tami Schellenberg

And We Talk of Christ; Teaching Young Children

Tami Schellenberg grew up the youngest of nine in California and has had a deep love of the coast ever since. She loves change though, and thrives on opportunities for growth and experience. Fortunately her husband feels similarly because the two of them & their four kids have moved often for work, nestling in homes from the Great Plains to the Gulf Coast, and are currently soaking up their time near family in an apartment high rise in downtown Salt Lake City. They’ve loved the friends, the beauty, and the growth in it all.

She’s currently homeschooling her kids and building her dreams of settling on a big piece of land, writing a book, and exploring another part of the world with her family. But who knows how it will all work out, she’s always up for change.

Follow along @tamischellenberg and That We Might Have Joy

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