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Magazine FAQ's

Look through the list below- if you question isn't answered please email us at

Who is this magazine for?

This magazine is designed for mothers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our articles give tools to women as they strive to create an atmosphere of home-centered learning, and become a better teacher and follower of Christ.

Who wrote this magazine?

This magazine was written primarily by mothers and members of the Church of Jesus Christ. We have included a range of experts and passionate parents who are in the trenches. Each writer, photographer and artist donated their time and skills to this magazine without payment, because they are passionate about intentional and joyful motherhood.

If you would like to contribute as a writer, artist, photographer, promoter etc please fill out our Contributor Form

What sort of articles are included?

Every single article has the aim of helping you to be a more Christ-like mother and teacher. Our goal is to help you create an atmosphere of learning in your home, and we include how-tos, inspiration, and ideas to implement into your home. The articles are based on the teachings of the gospel. No matter the topic the author is asked to be very prayerful in what they write. As we have read the articles that are submitted we are humbled by the messages and the way they are integrated into the teachings of the gospel.

What is the Price? (Why is the magazine so expensive?)

Each hardcopy issue of the magazine is $24.99.

The digital ebook is $14

This 84 page book does not include a single advertisement. We want to facilitate a peaceful experience as you turn the pages. We don't want to take away from that by including advertisements.

Without ads our magazine's only source of income is the cost. There are so many expenses with running a website, designing and printing a magazine! We want to be able to continue offering these resources to you. Shipping is also included in the cost.

How often will the magazine come out?

There will be 3 issues a year January, May and September. Occasionally there may be a special issue.

Is there a subscription option?

At this time we are unable to offer a subscription option. However, when you purchase the HARD COPY, your confirmation email will include a 20% coupon code for the next issue. There is no subscription discount code with the ebook digital version.

We HIGHLY recommend purchasing the physical magazine and not the ebook. We promise, this magazine is better if you hold it in your hands.

Shipping Information

Shipping is included in the cost of the magazine. We are so excited for you to get this beautiful book in your hands! It will be there within 10-14 business days so keep checking the mailbox.

There is no international shipping. If you live internationally and would like an issue, the digital version is available or you can contact us to determine other alternatives.

If you have not received it within 14 days please contact us

Product Sharing (digital version) :

We recognize that this is a digital file that could easily be shared. We appreciate your honesty and integrity in not sharing with anyone outside of your immediate household. Hours and hours of time and energy have been spent in creating this beautiful Magazine. Thank you for your support.

Format of Digital Version

We will provide you with both a KF8 file (.mobi), viewable on Kindle devices and reader apps, and an EPUB3 file (.epub), viewable on Apple iPad® or Android devices. You can also view it in desktop applications. Once you've downloaded it, open it up and see how it looks on your iPad or Kindle. Keep in mind you may need to install a reader app on your iOS or Kindle device to view your book.

Opening and reading an ebook in Amazon Kindle

Amazon provides a number of ways to preview your ebook file. You can view the ebook on your Kindle device or on your desktop through a free Kindle Reading App. For instructions on how to email a file to your Kindle E Ink or Fire device click here.

For Apple Phones (iOS Devices)

The ebook can be viewed in the kindle app or the free Apple iBooks app. You will need to install it before opening your book.

We highly recommend the physical copy. It is beautifully designed as a magazine. While you can read the articles in the digital version the physical copy truly conveys what we were trying to create.

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