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Becky + Graceann

Shortly after meeting each other, Graceann said to Becky, “I’ve been looking for you!” They had both been feeling isolated in mothering and home education and needed the support of a like-minded community.  After that, they had the same experience over and over: other women came into their lives, and they all said the same thing, “I’ve been praying for friends and community for myself and my children.”


Within a few months, they had established a nature group and Mothers Circle with several women who were seeking connection.  Having friendships with women who were trying to teach and live the gospel was a blessing that they wanted to share with everyone. This magazine and website is their way of bringing that community to you. 

Becky Pitcher

Becky Pitcher educates her four children at home, and they try to spend the majority of their time reading books or hiking in the mountains. Becky studied writing at BYU with a focused interest in children’s literature. 

Graceann Oswald

Graceann Oswald has always been passionate about education. This passion drove her to pursue a degree in Early Childhood Education from BYU and then a Masters in Education from Texas A&M. Seeing her four children engage with, explore and learn about the world around them through homeschool is one of her greatest joys.

 Both Becky and Graceann live in Salt Lake City, Utah

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