Fulfilled Through Motherhood

When motherhood came to me, it came hard and fast. After having four kids in just as

many years, a trip to Walmart was a pretty huge production. Often part of this production was

comments from random strangers about how full my hands were or even too bad I didn’t have

my boy/girl twins first so that I didn’t have to have any more children. It seems that popular

opinion is that if you are going to be a mom all you would ever want is 2 kids maximum.

Hopefully a boy and a girl right off. A boy and a girl to dress up and look the part. One boy for all the boy experiences and one girl for all the girl experiences. You know, something to fill my

Instagram with. I quickly replied that I loved all of my children and was happy to have each of

them in my life. So happy that we added another daughter to the mix four years later.