In the Doctrine and Covenants, the Lord instructs His servants to "seek words

of wisdom, out of the best books." We firmly believe that His instruction

does not just apply to books of scripture or "Church-material."

In fact, we believe that good books are everywhere, and should be the basis that

all education is built from. We hope this booklist will be an aid to you as you teach in the home. These lists are being regularly updated and added to, so check back often! Many of these books can be found at your local library, but if you purchase through our links, we may earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you), so thank you!

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Questions & Answers:

Q: Why so many picture books? Is this list for young children?

Picture books are a wonderful way to learn, even if you are a teenager or adult! Picture books allow readers to see beautiful illustrations, read quality words, and learn about many, varied and interesting things- without taking all month to read. Whatever your age, you never grow out of quality picture books. We have worked hard to include only high quality books. These are not board books with phrases like "The cat sat." or "Red bird. Blue bird. Green bird."

These books do not speak down to children, but are full of complex words, stories, and ideas. 

Many of the books are aimed at Elementary-aged kids, but can still supplement and teach

older kids or teenagers. 

Q: Some of these booklists are referred to as "curriculums."

Is a list of books really enough to teach my child? 

YES. In a world that prioritizes testing, worksheets, and other "proofs of learning" - we declare that BOOKS ARE ENOUGH. Of course, we hope that you will supplement your child's learning with hands-on activities, field trips, and discussions.  Make beans and cornbread when you read The Little House on the Prairie, visit the Dinosaur museum when you read about fossils, and when you read about the American Revolutionary War, ask your child questions like, "Who do you think was braver, Lafayette or Washington? Why?"

But there is nothing in the world that can improve a child's academic success as much as reading high-quality literature, especially when that reading is a delight and not a chore.

(Tip: Make it a delight by sharing snacks, snuggling, and not immediately "quizzing" your child after each book.)

Q: Are these books written from a Christian or LDS perspective?

Yes and No. There are books from many different authors, with different backgrounds and experiences. We know that all children of God have the light of Christ within them, and we also know that Christians or members of the Church of Jesus Christ are not better writers, scientists or historians than those who practice different faiths. We hope that these books will help you to draw closer to each other and Jesus Christ- even when that is not the overt purpose of the books you are reading. We also know that learning about people who are different than us will only strengthen one's belief that God created each of His children individually and intentionally. 

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