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We are daughters of Heavenly Parents, and we have been given a divine stewardship: to rear our children in love and righteousness. Each of us has been called by the Lord to teach our children in the home. We believe that parents are a child’s best teachers and the home is the ideal setting for living, learning, and becoming.

At Seek Learning, we encourage families to teach one another with the spirit, to cultivate beauty, and to love and discern truth. We aim to provide mothers with tools and support to create an atmosphere of learning in the home, where you will be able to teach your children “words of wisdom, by study and also by faith.”

​Becky + Graceann

01 Issue

Mothers Day Sale

Mother's Day is right around the corner! Ask for a Seek Learning Magazine from your husband! Give on to your sis or SIL! 

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Christlike Attributes


We have the first month ready as a free digital download. The hardcopy will be available to pre order May 1.

02 Issue

Theme Release

Announcing the Theme for this issue this week!

Virtual Mothers Circles

Sign up for a virtual mothers circle with Graceann and Becky so you can see what a Mother's Circle looks like and learn HOW you can create your own!

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